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In the Tibetan Buddhist tradition there are many methods to help people with any trouble from ghosts, spirits, and

Whether people need help with:
– Poltergeists
– Evil Spirits
– Hauntings
– Paranormal phenomena
– Spirit / Demonic possession
– Blessing / Purification rituals
– Help with Black Magic

In the Buddhist tradition every action is based on loving kindness and compassion which is shared equally towards both spirits and humans alike.

The various types of methods in Tibetan Buddhism are many for dealing with a wide range of problems. For troubles with spirits some rituals use hot water, hot stones, fire pujas, or Kago. Kago is literally an order to the spirit not to harm people anymore which is given from a qualified spiritual master. Kago is possible because of the power of the Three Jewels and the deities associated with them. The truth of The Three Jewels (The Buddha, Dharma, Sangha) and the Dharma protectors are all important and excellent tools to expel negative energy and harmful ghosts.

In Buddhism we have powerful words to deal with spirits that are based on interdependence and truth. The person who says these words has to be a pure and powerful practitioner who has realization. This type of person will have the type of energy capable of subjugating harmful negative energies. This realized master must have all the good qualities, then wherever he goes he will capable of helping sentient beings with any type of problem.

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