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Classes and Events

Currently Lama Jigme Rinpoche does not have any weekly classes anywhere, but you can signup for his mailing list for any updates.


Padmasambhava Guru Tsok Offering

Rinpoche also performs a monthly Padmasambhava Guru Tsok Offering Ceremony used to help accumulate merit and heavily purify ourselves.

The address: 503 Seller’s Place, Henderson, NV, 89011

Time: We start at 8:40am

What to bring: A food offering, something enough for a pot luck, we all eat lunch together near the end of the ceremony.

Padmasambhava Guru Tsok Days:

FOR 2019Guru Rinpoche

December 6 – Friday

FOR 2020

Jan 5 – Sunday

Feb 4 – Tuesday

March 4 – Wednesday

April 3 – Friday

May – TBA