Preventing Disease with the Vajra Armor
By Lama Jigme Rinpoche

The Coronavirus is a disease created from the result of this world’s collective karma. That’s how epidemics spread in this world, from our own karma. Negative karma also comes from people’s negative emotions and desire. This world is a seed of our karma, if it is a bad seed then there will be bad results, if it is a good seed then there will be good results.

People’s negative karma also comes from their actions of body, speech and mind. Many people think they can control their sickness with medicine and wealth, however it is impossible. The only thing that works to stop sickness is to take care of your actions of body, speech and mind. These three things manifest all your karma.

Thousands of years ago there were diseases just like now occurring in the world. Before there was not modern transportation, so epidemics did not spread so easily and widely before. People now though travel everywhere, by sky, by ocean, all over the world.

A thousand years ago, Guru Rinpoche predicated through his clairvoyance that in the future, in our modern time, that there would be great plagues and epidemics. One of Guru Rinpoche’s solutions and pith instructions was to practice the Wrathful Vajra Armor to protect ourselves.

Guru Rinpoche gave this teaching of the Vajra Armor to the Tibetan people because he knew that they had pure perception and devotion, and would carry the teachings for hundreds of years to our time now. Later Guru Rinpoche left this continent (Earth) for the south-western continent of Ngayab.

Today many great Tibetan Lamas and Masters are giving the teachings of the Vajra Armor in order to help people protect themselves from the Coronavirus.

Guru Rinpoche has stated before that the person who does the Vajra Armor mantra must have clear perception, devotion, and good samaya (purity). If this person has all these things then the Vajra Armor will really help. Guru Rinpoche does not lie, so we must be certain that this mantra is very real and can help us.

Ten years ago Lama Jigme Rinpoche travelled and gave many teachings and transmissions to people on the Vajra Armor Mantra in places like Nevada City, Reno, Idaho, Las Vegas and even various prisons. If you were someone who has already received this mantra then Rinpoche says that it is important to start practicing and reciting every day in order to protect yourself and others. Before coming to the United States, Rinpoche also traveled to Taiwan, Italy, France and Switzerland and gave teachings on The Vajra Armor Mantra.

When Lama Jigme Rinpoche received this mantra from his root teacher Rigdzin Jigme (Ktuo Akusan), it was very secret and a master would only teach it to one person at a time in private.

If people recite The Vajra Armor with pure perception, devotion and good samaya then they can definitely get help against disease. Today people try to eat good food and take medicine to cure this virus, but it really does not help. This virus is the karmic result of our body, speech and mind. Therefore if you want to protect yourself then you should really look at taming these three things, then The Vajra Armor Mantra will really help.

Many people do prayers and mantras to Green Tara when fear comes but at that time it is too late. It is important to do the practice regularly as a preventive measure, then it will help. If you do the practice too late then it will not help. Sometimes you practice and sometimes you don’t practice, this is not good, your practice should be daily and consistent without ever missing a day.

People should try to be free of any doubt or dualistic thinking when doing The Vajra Armor. This also means having pure samaya, pure devotion, and pure perception. If you have all these things then Rinpoche promises that this mantra will definitely help prevent sickness. Material things really cannot help you and even a physically powerful person can still break down to the virus.

Many governments now are stating to not go out, because of this you now have a very great opportunity and blessing to practice this mantra. If you stay home and do this mantra, then you and everyone around you will receive the blessings of the Vajra Armor.

Rinpoche requests that anyone who has received the teachings and transmissions on the Vajra Armor mantra before from him to start practicing and reciting every day.

The Vajra Armor practice cannot be used if you have not had the transmission from a qualified master before. If you are interested in receiving the Vajra Armor transmission then you should contact us and you can receive it by video chat.