Dorje Gotrab (500 x 674)

The Vajra Armor Mantra

By Lama Jigme Rinpoche

People hundreds of years ago did not have tools to protect themselves before like masks, gloves, and modern disinfectant. Before people relied on things like mantras to protect themselves from illness, such as the Vajra Armor. There have been nine major epidemics before and now this is the tenth. Before disease did not spread so fast because of the differences in transportation. For example, before in China when a plague occurred, people in Tibet would not know about it for two years. Also the medical system was different, they could not control epidemics well. Medicine was also hard to receive before modern technology.

Today’s modern people create many bad things and do many negative things, the result of this karma is to suffer. Epidemics happen because of the karma of the people, therefore COV-19 is the result of negative karma. There have been nine major epidemics so far and there have been nine periods when the disease went away, we just have to deal with our karma now.
Lama Jigme Rinpoche’s Vajra Armor mantra is from a pure lineage, before in Tibet it was very difficult to find such teachings. Nowadays the mantra is very popular and many people think they can do it no problem. However you need the link to this mantra, you must have a type of friendship with it, then the mantra can help you.

The Vajra Armor is very powerful for helping people deal with obstacles and heal. However, if it is something to do with your karma, then you have to face it. When you do the mantra you must have devotion and pure perception. If you are not a bad person creating negative karma all the time, then the mantra will really help you. Make the effort to recite the mantra everyday and it will help.

There are many mantras on social media, but lots of these you can’t actually practice without an empowerment or transmission from a qualified master. They will not work, instead you will create obstacles and problems for yourself. It is important to have a lineage connection to a mantra, then it will really help you.

The Vajra Armor practice cannot be used if you have not had the transmission from a qualified master before. If you are interested in receiving the Vajra Armor transmission then you should contact us and you can receive it by video chat or in-person.

If people are interested they can receive a protection cord blessed by Lama Jigme Rinpoche using the Vajra Armor for $10. (People should include shipping fees as well, international shipping generally goes around $25.)

People who want the Vajra Armor transmission can choose if they want to donate anything. This is a spiritual service, Rinpoche is not looking for fame or anything, he is only looking to benefit others, this is the meaning of spirituality.