dzogchen monastery


Of all the ethnicities in this world, the Tibetan is very distinctive due to its millenary culture of Buddhism. The Tibetans have maintained the essence of Buddhism as it has spread across Asia and the world. Of all cultures on Earth, the Tibetans protect this planet and have cared for the environment in a very exceptional way.

For example certain Masters in extended retreats gather different precious materials such as gold, silver, crystals, etc., and special ingredients like barley and grass, and place them together in a container.  During the period of isolation they focus their practice, blessings and realizations on the objects, until they are enchanted. These are known as Treasures or ’Gter’. Afterward, they are hidden in the earth with the genuine intention of protecting the environment, which brings well-being to all living beings dwelling in it.

Buddhism is the science of the mind. All our problems, individual, national and worldly happen because humans still abide by the law of “the big eats the small”. Diseases, injustice, oppression and negative emotions appear out of the mind. For this reason, Buddhism teaches practitioners to constantly examine the mind and train it, like the Tibetans train the channels, energies and essences, in order to bring peace to the world.

The life of living beings, protecting it and prolonging it is of utmost importance. However, there are cultures in this world that strive for immediate development, polluting and harming this planet, care-less of future consequences. Rather than protecting the precious things that promote the life of beings, they excavate and dynamite the land for the sake of development. They just don’t think about where will they stand once this place is completely destroyed.

Those of this mentality oppress that which promotes individual growth and spiritual realization. They don’t have regards for living beings and discard the value of human life, promoting external wealth, which lacks deep meaning.

The things that care for our world and our environment are like precious gems which must be kept safe and recognized by every nation, just like the Tibetan Buddhist Culture that strives to protect this planet and the beings living on it.

We ask you to please become active, look to the future and help us protect it.

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