Lama’s thoughts:

1) “We look for God to find happiness. We stay away from evil spirits to avoid suffering. In reality, God and demons do not exist anywhere but within our mind. Check very well your mind. If you understand this phenomena, you automatically find Joy.”

2) “On our planet, the night time is longer than the day time. In this world, there are more negative emotions than virtuous human quality. For this reason, may I pray so that I can be a good human being. This will naturally allow me to live healthily and joyfully”

3) “The Primordial State of Phenomena is pure like Space. All Things appear as clouds through interdependence. If the Wind of wisdom blows the cloud-like-appearances, then all things (Phenomena) return back to the pure primordial state”

4) “You cannot expect help from God, or Buddha, or Jesus if you do not have an understanding of the Law of Karma and are not aware of the intrinsic consequences of every action. Deities that help beings who are unaware of karmic consequences are probably evil spirits.

In the other hand, if you respect and abide by the Law of Karma and act accordingly, then spontaneously, all the blessings from the Buddhas and from God may fulfill your life.”

5) “When you are healthy and prosperous, accumulate good merit…there will come a time when you won’t be able to do so.
When your body is young and beautiful, protect it and keep it healthy.. there will come a time when you won’t be able to do so.
When your mind is clear and strong, make it virtuous and extraordinary.. there will come a time when you won’t be able to do so..”

6) “If Buddhism is your path, listen first attentively to your Teacher when explaining the Extraordinary View. Then, contemplate deeply on the meaning of that View. Finally, practice with effort until realizing that View.
In this way, you will purify the Negative Emotions and Pristine Wisdom will manifest. With such a mind, there will be no enemies or demons capable of defeating you…”

7) “We all look for happiness and for healthy and compassionate relationships, but unintentionally commit actions that generate suffering and bring harmful people to our life. This happens because of the type of world that we live in…

Only remember that there is no good or bad, positive or negative outside ourselves. All dualities of judgement only exist within ones own mind…”

8) Thoughts by H.H. Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche: Enjoy his sacred words!!
“If you cannot accept that all compounded or fabricated things are impermanent, if you believe that there is some essential substance or concept that is permanent, then you are not a Buddhist.
If you cannot accept that all emotions are pain, if you believe that actually some emotions are purely pleasurable, then you are not a Buddhist.
If you cannot accept that all phenomena are illusory and empty, if you believe that certain things do exist inherently, then you are not a Buddhist.
And if you think that enlightenment exists within the spheres of time, space, and power, then you are not a Buddhist.”

9) “All what we think that is happiness, is not really happiness.
All what we see that is beautiful, is not really beautiful.”

10) “We all have eyes to see other people’s behavior.
We don’t have eyes to see within ourselves.
It is very good to be able to see one’s own behavior.
This would make our world a peaceful place.”

11) “By grasping Samsara (the worldly things) one will only find suffering in this and next lifetimes. But if one holds on to the Dharma, there will always be happiness and peace in this and next lifetime.”