The Practice of Tsa Lung Trulkor and Tsa Lung Tikle

The practices of Tsa Lung Trulkor / Tsa Lung Tikle is an ancient art of movement, postures and breathing exercises; its knowledge is very much associated with the Tibetan Medicine Doctrine. It was originally performed in Tibet in the Bon tradition and later the Great Master Padmasambhava combined it with other methods and modified it according to the Tibetan Nyingma Buddhist School. That is why it is also called the Nyingma Tsa Lung Trulkor / Tsa Lung Tikle. However, this practice went through the Kagyu Buddhist School also.

This practice very much relies on Tibetan Buddhism and it is inseparable from the practice of compassion and emptiness. Although it may seem only physical, it is deeply rooted in the school of the mind.

Tsa means nadis or channels

Lung means Prana or Wind energy

Trulkor means our body is like an engine

Tikle means the essence of drops

The body depends on the elements; the elements depend on the 72,000 channels (Tsa); these channels depend on the life sustaining wind (Lung); the wind depends on the mind and on the essence of drops (Tikle).

If the channels are trained then the wind can be held. If the wind can be held then the essence of drops can be freed. If the essence of drops is freed then the innate clear light wisdom (mind) can arise. This makes the practice of Tsa Lung Trulkor / Tsa Lung Tikle very important.

When the channels are not well trained, the wind becomes disturbed and the essence of drops cannot be freed, causing numerous difficulties in the physical and mental dimensions. For example: irregular menstruation, muscular and joint point, and mainly all physical sicknesses that arise from the mind that a common doctor is unable to cure (negative emotions, unhappiness, suffering, and so on).

In order to exercise the Tsa Lung Trulkor / Tsa Lung Tikle, there are some preliminaries that are needed. It is also very important to have good physical behavior and adequate moral values. The practitioner must also have knowledge on how the wind exists as well as an understanding of the benefits gained from the practice.

Finding the Right Teacher

In the world today there are many other different practices of training the wind energy, but most important is that it should always be transmitted and taught from a master to a student, like the example of Marpa transmitting to Milarepa.

For this reason, one should find an authentic teacher that has a peaceful mind, who guides and serves other being compassionately, and that has a pure unbroken lineage. The type of master who keeps the lineage should have a profound realization and is not only learned but has a cultivated a genuine experience.

If the student finds a master, it is important for them to respect each other and for them to develop a genuine commitment with each other. It is also important that they do not fool or misguide each other. One should find a teacher whom one is able to trust with faith and pure perceptions. From this kind of instructor one should receive not only the highest empowerments, but also the basic practices of Refuge and Arousing Compassion.

It is said that the union between the right master, the right disciple and an effective practice is like having in your hand a wish-fulfilling jewel.


Tsa Lung Trulkor provides benefits on both the physical and mental levels. It will improve the firmness and flexibility of your body and mind. The practice will purify your wind channels, allowing blood to run more freely and to improve your circulation. This will have a direct benefit on digestion, which will help the practitioner to free the Tikle more easily. With this practice it is possible to prevent sickness, to prolong life and to cultivate an enhanced wisdom mind (good memory, clear views, and so on). Tsa Lung will help your mind stay clear and to function properly at an old age. It will help cure and prevent bone and heart diseases and keep the joints exercised and healthy. It will improve long-term sicknesses such as in handicapped people.

Among the benefits of Tsa Lung Trulkor, it is said that you can accomplish the ability of Swift-feet and have the strength to walk a one month distance in one day. Tsa Lung will also improve your eyesight and its capacity to see at distance. Someone who does this practice can also gain the ability to not be harmed by weapons or bullets, and be able to resist electric shocks. Tsa Lung can even prevent and cure leprosy.

Tsa Lung Trulkor most importantly will help you remain with a peace of mind and body for your whole life. It can help reduce wrinkles and signs of old age, as well as avoiding old age sicknesses like humpbacks or bended spines.

There are numerous Tsa Lung exercises for any particular sickness or ailment, and therefore many different illnesses that can be treated with this practice.

In this document Lama Jigme Rinpoche has briefly explained the meaning of Tsa Lung Trulkor / Tsa Lung Tikle and its benefits. If there is anyone who wants to have teachings or further explanation on this, you can contact him personally at the Padma Rigdzin Ling Buddhist Temple.

Lama Jigme Rinpoche was given the empowerment and transmission of this practice by his Root Master Aku Sherab. Rinpoche holds both the Nyingma and Kagyu traditions of this practice.

This was created for teachings at the Bushidokan Dojo in Reno, Nevada. It has been translated by Tenzin Wangden and edited by Esteban Castillo on October 23rd, 2009.